"Working with Dani began to reframe my mindset about our relationships to food, and weight, and our bodies in a way that no other conversations or readings ever did. Since freshman year of college when I gained about 15 pounds, every time I lost any part of that weight it came right back. Eventually after I finished college, I lost most of it but would put it back on every couple of months and it just continued to bounce back and forth (it was infuriating) But as I began to reframe my thinking thanks to our work on food morality and believing your body was already perfect as it was, the extra weight began to melt off. Since doing Master Your Mirror, not a single pound has come back on, but more importantly, I feel kinder toward and more confident about my body than I ever have."

- Leigh M.

"I realized that I hadn't LOOKED at my body for a very long time. Now I am not afraid to really look at myself. I know how I got here. I am exactly where I am supposed to be right now. Exercise is not just a means to an end. It is not penance or punishment. It is joyful and playful and can be whatever you want it to be to keep moving. I can be happy here now, and in every step in my journey.


- Brigid C

"Master Your Mirror freed me in a way I wasn't anticipating. I feel like I have tools to fight now. I can find something I like about myself physically to look at in the mirror every day. I'm starting to get more adventurous with my clothing, because *fuck* waiting for the perfect body. I couldn't do that before MYM!!"

- Kelly R.

"I feel so much more confident and happy about how I look and who I am! And the habit of thinking about and articulating all of the things I love about myself have reminded me that I actually do love so much about myself, including my body!"

- Mary W.

Written by a woman about herself while taking Master Your Mirror: 


"You are beautifully and wonderfully made. 

You were designed. You were created. You were wanted, desired and sought after. Nothing is perfect. Perfect isn't a thing. And when we are all naked, standing near the spring pools of Spa Castle, and you see all the free breasts, misshapen tummies, varying sizes of asses, you smile. Because your naked body is yours. You know it. You love it. You are proud of your skin. It's shade is divine, it really cannot be captured. The magical lightening and darkening as it dances with the sun. The occasional mole and freckle will pop in to say hi and it will be like sprinkles on the most delicious scoop of ice cream. 

Your dark brown eyes may go unnoticed by most people but thats what you connect with first when you look in the mirror. Big, brown eyes that light up and shine when a smile comes across your face. And that smile, that half dimple, those full soft lips, those baby girl cheeks. They all do their best work together when you are laughing. Or telling stories. Or whatever. They fit. Together. And they are mine. 

The stretch marks line the side of your body, telling the story of where you have been like a road map to the dopest adventure ever. Awww...your butt. Your companion. Your homie. So much strength. So much...muscle. You. Have. An. Ass 

You are beautifully and wonderfully made." 

- Monica D.

"I came to Dani having dealt with binge eating and restricting cyclically for years, never having been formally diagnosed but knowing that I had something to work on. I hoped that at the end of my sessions with her I would be able to eat cake with my roommates and not feel badly about it. Yes, I got that from my sessions with Dani. But I feel like I also regained my future, all the potential I have in the decades ahead of me. All the time I spent apologizing to society for my body, I didn’t realize that because my body IS me, I was apologizing for my existence, for taking up space in the room.

I now have not only the ability but the desire to ask for what I want. Out of dating, out of a job, out of my relationships with my family and friends. And you know what? While I write this, I have half a bag of cookies next to me. I have the confidence to eat half a bag of cookies, and I have the confidence that I can stop." 

- Hannah G.