Master Your Mirror

A month-long Body Positivity intensive!


The Master Your Mirror Course Includes:


- 4 weekly modules focusing on areas such as: body confidence, emotional eating, healthy nutritional habits, developing rituals and practices to keep you feeling you best even at the most stressful of times, how to change the narrative on body acceptance and shape your world for the better!


- 4 weekly videos going more in depth into the modules, the practices, and how to incorporate the tools you're learning into an already busy lifestyle.


- Access to a private group of women just like you working on this program and changing their lives. Which will offer tips, tricks, prompts, and inspiration to help you get the most out of Master Your Mirror.


- A completion gift sent to you to support you in continuing your Body Positive journey even after the course is through.


This is your time to shine, beautiful!Are you ready?

Introductory Call

Hey, Gorgeous!


Let's be real: Making the choice to change your life is a big decision.


If you’d like to dip a toe into the water before going fully into the program, let's schedule your FREE introductory call!


We can discuss your health, uncover your areas of struggle, set passion-filled goals, and create a course of action to get you to a place of happiness, health, and abundance!


Before working with anyone I like to ask them this: Think about all time you’ve spent analyzing your body based on standards set by people who are not you. Think about all the seconds you’ve spent explaining why you don’t deserve a compliment instead of saying “thank you.” Think about all the moments where you’re beating yourself up for eating this or that and therefore feeling like you’ve “ruined everything.”


Now what if you never had to devote any time to those things again? What if you could have that time back? What would you do with it? Remember, loving your body is not a privilege, it’s a right.


Xo, Dani


1:1 Coaching

You. Are. Worthy.

Living a healthy life is not easy.


The curated feeds of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, the glossy magazines featuring perfectly toned bodies, the numerous diet books lining the shelves of bookstores, all those would have you believe differently, but the truth is, a healthy, balanced life is not simple to come by. 

The even crazier truth is that it is these very social media platforms, and magazines, and diet books that are making it harder to build a life of health and wellness. 

All the "health noise" out there takes away your power. Your trust in your own body. The intrinsic knowledge you are born with. Your definition of health.


With One on One Coaching together we will construct the perfect program tailored to your specific needs. Whether you struggle with emotional eating, body dysmorphia, or low self-confidence, One on One Coaching will provide you with the tools to overcome and succeed. 

       Your One on One Coaching Experience will include: 

  • Weekly hour-long 1:1 coachings with me!

  • Access to the four week body positivity masterclass: Master Your Mirror!

  • Unlimited email access to share celebrations, blocks, desires, and any questions that come up along the way.

  • A Damn Boo, You Fine! Welcome package filled with some kick-ass surprises and tools delivered right to your door.

  • Recommendations of books, podcasts, articles, and any resources that I believe will support you as we move through this process together.


If you’re ready to begin this journey, I am all in with you.


The path to self-love is waiting.


You are powerful.

You are beautiful.

You are worthy.

That leaves only one question:

Are you ready?


$650/month for 3 months