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Choco-Almond-Coconut Superfood Cookies

I have the biggest sweet tooth of anyone I know.

Also, my husband has had to gently force me to eat my vegetables.

So, these little gems give me the sweetness I want, with the fiber filled carbs I need.

Bon appetit!

Chocolate, Almond & Coconut Cookies

Prep Time 10 mins Cook Time 0 mins Total Time 10 mins

Servings 24 cookies, 1 cookie per serving Calories 118 kcal Author Beachbody


1 cup all-natural almond butter

1 tsp. pure almond extract

1 cup dry quick-cooking rolled oats

½ cup honey

1 cup Chocolate Whey Shakeology


  1. Combine almond butter, extract, oats, honey, and Shakeology in a medium bowl; mix well with a spatula or clean hands.

  2. Roll mixture into 24 balls, each about 1 inch in size.

  3. Flatten each slightly so that it is shaped like a traditional cookie.

  4. Refrigerate for at least one hour before serving.

  5. Serve immediately, or store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to five days.

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