Master Your Mirror:

Body Positivity Training

You. Are. Beautiful.

Here's the truth:

Loving your body is your right. It is not something you earn with under-eating and over-exercising. The natural state of your body is not something keeping you from living the life of your dreams. It is the negative self-talk and unmanaged self-judgement that prevents you from living a life of body positivity.


Through this program you will develop a confidence and love for your body as it is.


The Goddess within you has no time for yo-yo dieting, over-exercising, and judgmental self-talk. She is yearning to create rituals rooted in self-care and to begin living a life of thriving rather than simply surviving; to make clear, straightforward changes that yield lasting, life-long results.


The tools you acquire in the Master Your Mirror Training Course will positively effect all aspects of your life. From the building of an unshakeable confidence as you take on the world to the feeling of profound body-love and confidence necessary for an exciting, explosive, and electric life.

The Master Your Mirror Course Includes: 

- 4 weekly modules focusing on areas such as: body confidence, emotional eating, healthy nutritional habits, developing rituals and practices to keep you feeling you best even at the most stressful of times, how to change the narrative on body acceptance and shape your world for the better!

- 4 weekly videos going more in depth into the modules, the practices, and how to incorporate the tools you're learning into an already busy lifestyle.

- Access to a private group of women just like you working on this program and changing their lives. Which will offer tips, tricks, prompts, and inspiration to help you get the most out of Master Your Mirror. 

- A completion gift sent to you to support you in continuing your Body Positive journey even after the course is through. 

What women are saying: 

"Master Your Mirror freed me in a way I wasn't anticipating. I feel like I have tools to fight now. I can find something I like about myself physically to look at in the mirror every day. I'm starting to get more adventurous with my clothing, because *fuck* waiting for the perfect body. I couldn't do that before MYM!!"

Now it's your turn.


The path to self-love is waiting.


You are powerful.

You are beautiful.

You are worthy.

That leaves only one question:

Are you ready?